Paulo Anthony Grayson

LGBTQ+ Affirming Care v. LGBTQ+ Friendly

Paulo Anthony Grayson is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and now calls Los Angeles his home.

In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer of No Matter What Recovery, Paulo works as a sober companion and is part of a team that conducts interventions with a focus on adults and adolescents. Paulo has years of experience in client care, crisis intervention, and managing operations in the sober living, detox, residential, and treatment space. To further his career, Paulo is currently working on his Bachelor’s in Behavioral Health with an emphasis on trauma at Grand Canyon University.

Paulo understands the importance of consistency and patience in the early stages of behavioral health treatment, helping others is his passion and he strives to make recovery for every client as impactful as possible. He hopes that in the process of recovery he can help instill healthy habits in an affirming, safe, and caring environment.