Julie Brand-Lockshin, CADC-II, ICADC

ACE’s….Whats the Score?

Julie Brand, CADC-II and ICADC is an internationally certified addiction specialist and recovery expert, with an extensive background in behavioral health. With over 20 years of experience, she has treated, counseled, and educated thousands of men, women, and youth suffering from the disease of addiction, co-occurring disorders, domestic violence, and adverse childhood experiences.
She is an amazing storyteller who uses her personal story of endurance and resiliency to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and the correlation between substance use disorder and chronic health issues. Fueled with compassion, empathy, and a dash of humor, she uses her expertise to motivate, inspire, and empower others. She speaks from the heart, she speaks with conviction, and boldly goes where no one else will, gently shedding light on the darkest hours. Ms. Brand is a goal-oriented, visionary leader who strives for new heights and graciously takes others with her.

ulie Brand is a certified interventionist, domestic violence counselor, train-the-trainer, and private consultant. She is also a professional jazz vocalist, songwriter, and professional speaker. She is the author of the series, In the Eyes of Innocence, and is currently working on her newest novel, La Sangre Llama, (translation: blood calls blood) soon to be released.