Joseph Hogan-Sanchez

Unveiling the Tapestry of Recovery: Voices, Faces, and Resilience

Joseph Hogan-Sanchez is the Director of Programs, with Faces & Voices of Recovery. In his eighteen years working with recovery-related agencies, Mr. Sanchez has coordinated and organized recovery events and projects to strengthen recovery relations with communities. His events not only encourage collaboration among and between professionals but they helped develop, establish, and enhance the recovery network throughout Texas. Aside from facilitating these events, Mr. Sanchez has also assisted in managing grant and funding stream contracts, including planning action steps to meet deliverables, monitoring the progress of meeting deliverables, and quarterly reporting on deliverables. Joseph is a qualified and experienced trainer of trainers and is currently listed as a subject matter expert for BRSS TACS and STR in the SAMHSA consultant directory. Additionally, Mr. Sanchez has extensive experience in curriculum development and oversees the coordination and delivery of services as it pertains to accrediting organizations and programs that seek to meet national standards for the delivery of peer recovery support services.