Dr. Tony Greco, PsyD, LCP

Recovery Capital and Recovery Residences

Dr. Tony Greco is a licensed clinical psychologist, and author, with over 20 years of experience working with addiction and severe mental illness. Growing up in poverty, Dr. Greco’s lifelong pursuit has been getting people into treatment. As a result of his parents’ addiction and mental illness, he experienced homelessness and addiction at the age of 15 and found recovery at 17 years old. Dr. Greco has been on every side of this problem. Through Get Help he is now on every side of the solution. Dr. Greco is CEO and founder of Get Help, a revolutionary technology solution for the humans navigating our behavioral health system. Dr. Greco’s vision for Get Help first began as a psychologist struggling to find available program beds for individuals seeking treatment. The lack of communication between resource and service providers coupled with multiple data and tracking systems prevented individuals seeking treatment from real-time access to local services and resources. Dr. Greco’s visionary approach puts the most advanced technology to work on the most critical problem of our generation and allows people to get the help they need when and where they need it.
Dr. Greco earned his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School for Professional Psychology and holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University. He has also served on the Los Angeles County Psychological Association Board and chaired the LACPA Early Career Psychologist Committee. Before earning a doctorate in psychology he was Vice President of Business Development at a hospital detoxification and treatment program, expanding operations and programs. He worked as a business consultant in the treatment industry, writing program materials, and working with treatment executives to develop programs. He was a manager of citywide conventions, conferences, meetings, and other events, in the non-profit and political sectors, including international twelve-step conferences, gubernatorial campaigns, and was liaison to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama during an official visit to California. Tony is an advocate in the LGBT community, active member of a twelve-step community and church ministries that work with the homeless and addicted.