Dr. Keith Marshall

Cultural Compentence

Dr. Keith Marshall holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology Degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena CA, and a Drug and Alcohol Studies Specialist Certificate from Glendale Community College. In addition, he has three professional addiction counselor licenses and certifications.

Dr. Marshall is the founder and CEO of Dedicato Treatment Center Inc. Dedicato Treatment Center Inc. is certified by the California Department of Health Care Services to provide substance use disorder treatment including helping patients with co-occurring mental health disorders. Dedicato Treatment Center is among only six percent of treatment centers in the entire country with Joint Commission accreditation, something they have achieved three times over the last nine years in business.

In June 2023, Dr. Marshall was awarded the prestigious United States Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Humanitarian Services. Dr. Marshall’s research publications include his doctoral dissertation, “Human Developmental Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent Substance Use Disorders” and his master’s thesis “Psychopathology and Low Self-Esteem and its Correlation with Adolescent Substance Use Disorders.”

Dr. Marshall is an author of two books, Fear to Freedom: From Dumpster to Doctor and Factors of Transformation: Be the Change You Want