Sparrow Goudey (Tsalagi/Cherokee/Wyandot) is the founder of Healing the Circle Workshops.  With over 31 years of continuous sobriety, she has developed and conducts workshops at various treatment facility programs throughout Southern California for both Native and non-Native communities that assist adults and adolescents, affected by drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and mental illness by incorporating curriculum, traditional arts and spirituality as tools for change, growth and recovery.

Sparrow is an international trainer and rep for White Bison, Inc. and the Wellbriety Training Institute.  She is a certified facilitator and trainer for *Mending Broken Hearts for Adults and Youth (Healing from historical/intergenerational trauma and unresolved grief & loss), *Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps for Adults and Youth, *Mothers of Tradition, *Daughters of Tradition, *Warrior Down/Recovery Coach, *Understanding the Purpose of Life for Youth, and *Wellbriety and NACOA Celebrating Families curricula and is devoted to helping individuals and communities that suffer from addiction and trauma.  
She is the Rep for Wellbriety Certified Treatment Facilities as well.

Sparrow is co-founder of NADARI (Native American Drug & Alcohol Recovery Initiative), assisting enrolled Natives across the States to secure culturally congruent treatment at little to no cost to the Client.