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Daniel Longoria

Daniel Longoria

From Gang Member to Gang Expert, Strategies to work with gang effected clients using unconditional positive regard

BIO: From age 10 to 30 Mr. Longoria spent 2 years in accumulated time out of institutions, paroling from Pelican Bay State Prison Security Housing Unit (S.H.U) on June 6th, 1996, for the final time ending a 20-year career as an active gang member.

Under the tutelage of Clark Murray and Bob Hulsey, Mr. Longoria joined the CAARR Institute in 1999, subsequently earning his CADC-II in 2013. Mr. Longoria served as a CAARR Institute instructor and a certifying panelist.

Mr. Longoria was featured on television, magazines, and  newspapers throughout California. He has become one of the leading superior court recognized gang experts in several counties in California, consulting on over 60 cases and testifying in 16 jury trials. His article, “Corruption Courts, Gang Courts, and White Collar Courts: Overcoming Widespread Group Crime Through the Use of Specialized Collaborative Courts,” is published in the 2017 Spring Law Journal of the University of La Verne.