Jen Carvalho is the CEO of Casa Palmera, a Discovery Behavioral Health facility in Del Mar, CA.  Jen joined the Casa team in the spring of 2000 but brings 20+ years of behavioral health experience to the table.  Most recently, Jen worked in northern CA as a Market CEO, focused on successful operations of two co-occurring treatment programs.  She is a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program and is a hands on leader with innovation as a strategic focus. 

Jen has lived experience with leading through crisis, having guided teams through floods, wildfires, rolling power outages and recently, a pandemic.  As past President of the Board of the CA Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), she was able to recognize that statewide level disaster preparation and communication is mandatory for SUD services to continue in CA.  Patient access to care and workforce development are a particular focus of Jens and she continues her advocacy efforts as an Executive Member of the CCAPP Board of Directors. 

As a CEO, Jens passion expands to leadership development and she is proud to empower her teams to lead with compassion and integrity.  As a speaker on Visionary and Empowered Leadership, Jen is most comfortable sharing her experience, strength and hope with others.  As a woman in long term recovery, her focus on providing options for care is both personal and priority.