Henry Ortiz

Inspiring Excellence, Promoting Change

Henry Ortiz

The Art of Facilitating Community

Friday, July 17, 2020
8:00 – 10:00 AM – PT


Henry Ortiz is a formally incarcerated community healer and Founder of “Trauma Through a Traumatized Perspective” (TTTP) trainings. During his 18 years of incarceration he went to college, educated himself, and co-founded Self-Awareness
& Recovery (SAR) in 2005, as a way to address untreated trauma in the prison system among his peers. He eventually wrote various curriculums, conducted facilitator trainings, and facilitated workshops that pertained to trauma informed healing, victim impact, criminal and gang behavior, self-esteem building, meditation and emotional intelligence
Mr. Ortiz has been working with adult and incarcerated youth for 15 years and had been trained by trainers and authors of evidence based model programs. To learn more about Mr. Ortiz and his TTTP Trainings go to: henrycommunityhealer.com